There has never been more support for the policy

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“The pandemic is making it even more imperative that we introduce basic income,” — Guy Standing, co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network.

It’s not just Guy who thinks this, more people than ever are warming to basic income being a feasible alternative to our existing welfare system. The movement…

Basic income is not “paying people to do nothing” — it’s paying them to do anything

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For decades since the 1970s, social capital has been in decline within our local communities. Researchers such as Robert Putnam, and David Halpern have put forward various explanations for this, but perhaps the least discussed is the way that scale of economy for centralised manufacturing and services has taken away…

To understand the full potential of basic income, we need new measures of social capital

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Discussion of basic income most often centres around its impact on the individual — preventing household poverty and expanding personal life choices. Yet individuals and families can only really thrive when they live in connected local communities that support advanced levels of social cooperation. This shared ‘social capital’ is not…

Universal credit has proven to be the problem, not the solution

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The OECD recently suggested universal credit was more effective than basic income. After the Finnish government announced they would not be expanding their two year cash handout trial for the unemployed, the think-tank recommend a UK-style universal credit system as a better option for reducing poverty and welfare complexities.


The time has come for us to at last establish an inclusive society

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Politics in Western democracies is now at its most bitter and partisan in decades. Middle ground parties are almost entirely squeezed out as extreme populist leaders of left and right act as magnets for disgruntled voters.

We may fear this reflects some deep decline in the morality of politicians, manipulation…

Everyone should be able to afford the basic necessity of shelter

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In September, the National Audit Office revealed the number of people sleeping on the streets has soared by 134 per cent since 2010. The bite of austerity has disproportionately impacted Britain’s poorest. …

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Providing news and content from a variety of writers advocating basic income in the United Kingdom.

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